Friday, 29 January 2010

New Arrival

This Agat 18k arrived in the post on Wednesday. Made in the former Soviet Union, it's a half-frame camera taking 72 exposures on a standard 35mm film. The build quality is not great, it has a brittle plasticy feel to it, but the 28mm Industar lens is supposed to be quite good (I suspect it is the same as the 28mm lens on the Horizon 202 swing-lens panoramic camera). The lens focuses down to 90cm and stops down to f16, the shutter and aperture are coupled, and adjusted using a symbol system, having first set the ISO film speed.
The range is from 1/60 sec at f2.8 to 1/500 sec at f16, or thereabouts.
I will probably have a half-frame theme at some point.

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