Friday, 30 January 2015

Week 265 - La Sardina

La Sardina
This is a novelty camera from the Lomography people. I picked it up in the January sales. It has a 22mm lens, and has multiple exposure capability and a "B" setting.
I've loaded it with expired Solution VX200 colour negative film.

Monday, 26 January 2015

photo from week 264 - Minolta XG-M

five mannequins
I found a 42mm to Minolta bayonet adapter lying around, so I used the 58mm Helios lens from a Zenit B for this close up. The adaptor acts as a short extension tube, so infinity focus is impossible, but it's ideal for macro photography.

photo from week 264 - Minolta XG-M

reflected self-portrait with Minolta XG-M camera and gold hat
This indoor self-portrait was taken at full aperture, hence the very shallow depth of field.

photo from week 264 - Minolta XG-M

red box, red filter
I used a red filter for this one, so the red post box appears almost white. This was taken using a 28mm wide angle lens.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Week 264 - Minolta XG-M

Minolta XG-M
The Minolta XG-M is a 35mm SLR which was given to me a few years ago by someone who was no longer using film. It is a very usable camera with aperture priority auto exposure.
I've loaded it with Rollei Retro 400S black and white film.

Friday, 16 January 2015

photo from week 263 - Kodak Duex

sycamore sunset with figure
Shooting into the sun on expired film and then cross-processing ti is never going to be a recipe for high technical quality, but I like the dreamy quality it results in here.

photo from week 263 - Kodak Duex

reflected self-portrait with Kodak Duex camera and baseball cap
This was an exposure of around 20 seconds, probably a bit too long. Although the camera has a tripod bush, there is no cable release socket, so I had to carefullt depress and hold the shutter release by hand.

photo from week 263 - Kodak Duex

Steeplejack of Nelson Column Fame
The Duex performed OK this week, the marked colour shift here is due not only to the cross-processing of slide film, but also to marked under-exposure due to the poor January daylight.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Week 263 - Kodak Duex

Kodak Duex
The Duex dates from around 1940, and is an extremely basic eye level box camera. The lens is on a helical screw mount, to allow the camera to be a bit less bulky when not in use. There is no focussing and only one shutter speed plus "B".
The camera takes 620 rollfilm, which is now obsolete, so I re-spooled some expired Fuji Provia 100F slide film onto an old 620 spool.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

photo from week 262 - Diana

promenade diptych
The frame on the left is a quadruple exposure, while on the right, is a single exposure of the same piece of monumental sculpture.

photo from week 262 - Diana

reflected self-portrait with Diana camera and frilly hat
There is no tripod bush, and no cable release socket on the Diana, so this 20 second exposure was achieved by bracing the camera against the top of the tripod.

photo from week 262 - Diana

one of the family
The saturated, contrasty image is largely due to the cross-processing of slide film in negative chemistry.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Week 262 - Diana

Oh dear... this is now the sixth year of the project.
This is one of the original 1960s Dianas, of which there are many clones and different names. It takes 120 film, but squeezes 16 square frames on by using a 4x4cm negative area.
I found this one in a local charity shop, with box and instructions for £2 and I've loaded it with expired Fuji Velvia ISO 100 slide film.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

photo from week 261 - Barclaycard SW-6

Yellow Llama
It was dusk when I took this, as the dark blue background attests. The Llama isn't really yellow, I held a piece of yellow gel in front of the flash.

photo from week 261 - Barclaycard SW-6

reflected self-portrait with Barclaycard SW-6 camera and orange staphyllohat
The low morning sun was enough to allow me to take this mirror self-portrait indoors, I used the close up lever for this one, and the focus seems about right.

photo from week 261 - Barclaycard SW-6

sycamore in the snow with lens flare
Shooting into the sun is something the instruction books tell you to avoid, I rather like the flare produced by this cheap little lens.