Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Week 154 - Minolta X-700

Minolta X-700 by pho-Tony
Minolta X-700, a photo by pho-Tony on Flickr.
This one came from a charity shop for £5. There was no lens, and the camera didn't have a battery in it, which meant it was impossible to know if it was working, but I took a gamble, and all seems to be well.


  1. I have two of these! But both of them suffer from the dreaded locked-winder syndrome. Apparently there's one little bitty capacitor inside the X-700 that goes bad and then it's lockville for this fine camera. May yours work fine forever.

  2. Tony,
    That looks like a new camera! I have no doubt that you have a good eye for this kind of thing but you must be incredibly lucky in your “shopping” as well.

    I discovered your blog by accident a few days ago and ever since have been methodically going through all your posts (in reverse chronological order - if it's worth doing it's worth doing backwards!) and totally enjoying all your photos, your stories and passion for old cameras and I especially like your hats! This is great stuff. I haven't had so much photographic fun (especially without a camera in hand) since I started my own blog about 16 months ago. My paltry efforts are nothing compared to yours however.

    You may have noticed that I left a few comments here and there on your posts or in Flickr but please know that even when I did not comment I still enjoyed your work a great deal and look forward to more. You seem to get better and better as you go along. Please keep it up. I feel inspired (even more than usual) to buy up a bunch of old cameras and go "waste" a bucket of film. Unfortunately there seem to be few places to find deals on old cameras around here anymore except perhaps than online.

    There's only a dozen or so cameras (so far) on my blog. I had to start over from scratch after a hurricane destroyed everything in 2005. Lately I try to de-emphasize the equipment in favor of the process and the photos. I have come to the conclusion that for me at least it is really about the pictures - not the cameras although it is clear that I also have a love of cameras as well that could explode at anytime.

    May film live as long as we do!

    Keep shooting my friend.



    1. Hello John,
      Thanks for your various comments, I'm very encouraged to know that you find my blog interesting and even inspiring.
      I've had a quick look at yours, and tried to follow it, not sure if it's worked, but I'll go back and look in more detail, looks as if you've been busy!
      Best Wishes

    2. Thanks Tony. Yeah, I can't take pictures all the time. Things like work, family, sleeping etc intrude, so the blog helps satisfy my photo-obsession. I seem to get a lot of hits but it's always exciting to have folks leave comments.