Friday, 25 December 2015

Week 313 - Zeiss Ikon Contarex "Bullseye"

Contarex Bullseye
This is rather a special camera to me, it belonged to my father who died in October, this was one of his favourite cameras. It's a very heavy, but precision made camera, and was the first of the Contarex series of SLRs made from the late 1950s. I've loaded it with HP5 Plus, ISO400 black and white negative film.


  1. It actually looks beautiful, I am sorry it took such sadness for you get it.

  2. Great looking camera Tony. I'm sorry to read here that you lost your dad recently. Glad you are continuing to walk in his footsteps as it were. I imagine it must have been quite rare for someone to use such an exotic camera.

  3. An excellent piece of engineering (a small article in German):