Sunday, 19 May 2013

Week 177 - Brownie Flash 20

Brownie Flash 20 by pho-Tony
Brownie Flash 20, a photo by pho-Tony on Flickr.

I love the 1950s design of this camera, with its enormous flash reflector. It has a few minor sophistications that raise it above the minimum. There are three apertures, and a wind on system which doesn't require you to use the red window, other than to advance the film to the first frame.
The downside is that it takes 620 film, which is identical to 120 film, but on a slimmer spool, so you can't use ordinary 120 rolls in it. 620 film was discontinued some years ago, so the only way to use it is to respool some 120 onto a 620 reel, which is what I've done this week.

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  1. There's a blast from the past, my Dad had exactly the same model of camera, and all the family photos for decades were taken with it!