Thursday, 11 October 2012

Week 145 - Olympus µ II

The Olympus mju II is also known as the "Stylus Epic". It's probably the smallest of the Olympus compacts, but is fully featured with shutter speeds down to several seconds, and a facility for spot focus/exposure.
I bought it for £1 at a car boot sale, and have loaded it with a roll of Lomography xpro (cross processing) film.


  1. You got a bargain, getting a mju 2 for £1. I paid over £40 for mine a couple months ago.
    Great blog. I thought i had a lot of cams at approx 57. This blog will maybe shut my wife up (for a while!)LOL

    1. I can see your logic but I doubt you will win the argument :-) My GAS problem is in its infancy compared to Tony's!