Thursday, 22 December 2011

Week 104 - Ensign Selfix 820 Special

Ensign Selfix 820 Special by pho-Tony
Ensign Selfix 820 Special, a photo by pho-Tony on Flickr.
This is the last week of the second year, when I started in January 2010, I really didn't know if I would keep going, but far from losing interest, the project has galvanised my interest in continuing to use old cameras.
The Ensign Selfix is a well specified (and very heavy) folding medium format camera. I can't remember where this came from, but I know I didn't pay much for it, and at the time I didn't appreciate how sought after these cameras would become. It takes 120 film, and has built in masks to allow 6x9cm or 6x6cm images (8 and 12 per roll respectively). I've opted for the 12 frames and loaded it with a roll of "Lomography" ISO400 colour negative film that I found in the remaindered box of a museum gift shop, thus rendering it a bargain.

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