Sunday, 30 October 2011

Week 96 - Lomography Sprocket Rocket

Lomography Sprocket Rocket by pho-Tony
Lomography Sprocket Rocket, a photo by pho-Tony on Flickr.
Production of new film cameras has plummeted since the advent of digital photography, novelty models being one of the few areas to be expanding. The Lomography Society International is often credited with reviving interest in film photography through advocating a lo-tech, shoot anything, take the camera everywhere approach, which they originally made popular with the Russian Lomo LCA, an automatic camera not dissimilar in specification to the Olympus XA series. Recently the company have been selling new designs, this one, the Sprocket Rocket, has a panoramic format and includes the full height of the 35mm film, sprocket holes and all, in the image. People have been including sprockets in their photos for some time by loading medium format cameras with 35mm film, but the disadvantage of that is that the lens then has a relatively long focal length, the Sprocket Rocket gets around this by having a 30mm lens, giving a wide field of view, though image quality away from the centre is poor. I try to find subjects where the sprocket holes can become part of the composition.
I bought this camera new in June this year, and have already had several films through it.


  1. Nice one this sprocket rocket. Can you show a picture made by it.

  2. The photos I take this week will be uploaded when I've finished the film, but you can see some previous examples here: