Sunday, 2 October 2011

Week 92 - Mikroma miniature camera

Mikroma miniature camera by pho-Tony
Mikroma miniature camera, a photo by pho-Tony on Flickr.
I've had this camera for a couple of years, but have been waiting until I could get hold of some affordable 16mm film before using it. The camera was made in the 1950s in Czechoslovakia. This is the first Mikroma model, with a limited range of shutter speeds, the Mikroma II had a seven speed shutter. It uses 16mm film loaded into proprietary cassettes, luckily there were a pair in the camera, less luckily one of them is for a different model, so doesn't fit! I was able to get around this problem by using a "naked" take up spool instead of a cassette, which means that I have to unload the camera in total darkness, but that doesn't really matter.
I've already done a trial run with some of the 40 year old FP4 film that I bought, so I know the camera works. The use manual tells you what length of film to use for a given number of exposures, the maximum being 90cm for 50 exposures, which is roughly what I've loaded it with.

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