Saturday, 5 March 2011

Week 62 - Argus Instant Load 270

Argus Instant Load 270, originally uploaded by pho-Tony.
This is another 126 cartridge camera, one of the relatively few models that were anything other than basic point and shoots. Last week I used the Kodak Instamatic 500, and this week I have transferred the half used cartridge into this Argus camera. The film is very expired (1993) and it is possible I may have nothing to show for either week. With 126 film being long obsolete, and expired film being scarce and expensive, I decided to risk spreading my one and only unused cartridge across 2 different cameras.
The Argus Instant Load 270 has a CdS exposure meter, with automatic control over the aperture and shutter speed, the aperture certainly alters with the light level, I'm less convinced that the shutter speed does though. We'll see...

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  1. Out of curiosity, where can I see the images you took with this camera? I am considering adapting this lens (from a broken camera) to mirrorless and wondering if it's worth the effort? lastly, can you please measure the approx flange distance on that lens/camera.
    Thank you