Wednesday, 9 March 2011

re-spooling film again

Following my technical success re-spooling an old Boltavit backing paper with new film, I'm going to try to use my Coronet Vogue camera. This takes its own "Vogue" V-35 film, which is unperforated 35mm film on a backing paper. The format is 5cm x 3cm, and there were probably 8 photos on a roll, but I haven't got an original film or backing paper to confirm this. I've cut down a 127 backing paper to make it the right width, luckily the numbers are in the right place for the Vogue's red window, and the spacing, 6cm, between frames is about right. I've re-spooled enough for six exposures, I only have one spindle for this camera, but the Boltavit spindle will fit, though it doesn't engage with the wind on knob, which doesn't matter so long as it is only used on the supply spool.
The camera has a single speed (and B) shutter, probably around 1/50th second with an aperture of perhaps f16. The film I've loaded is ISO400, so it should be OK in normal daylight. I'll try to find some suitable subjects in the next week or two.

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