Thursday, 30 September 2010

Week 40 - ISO Duplex 120 stereo camera

ISO Duplex 120 stereo camera, originally uploaded by pho-Tony.

This is a recent acquisition, it takes stereo pairs on 120 roll film, the pairs are 24mm x 24mm, which is the format used by many 35mm stereo cameras, and was to allow the pairs from this camera to be mounted and viewed using the same equipment.
This is the basic model in the range, it has fixed focus lenses, though it it does have 3 shutter speeds and 4 apertures, so is usable in a range of lighting conditions.
It makes 24 stereo pairs on a 120 roll, but I don't think I will get that many, as I've loaded it with the Shanghai GP3 film, which has very indistinct markings on the backing paper, and I'm finding it impossible to see them, so advancing the film by guesswork, which will inevitably result in unveven spacing and some wastage.


  1. That is a great camera. I saw the same one on a secondhand website last week. Unfortunately it was out of my budget ;)
    Looking forward to see some stereo pictures!

  2. I am a avid stereo/3-D photo fan and as a natural "freeviewer" really enjoy the stereo pairs but for some reason these didn't seem to have much of the dramatic 3-D effect. After shopping and researching 3-D cameras for a few months I finally bought the Fujifilm Fine Pix Real 3-D WD camera. Yeah, I know. It's digital but the 3", 3-D viewing screen is amazing. I enjoy just panning around looking at the world in 3-D even if I'm not taking pictures with it.