Thursday, 16 September 2010

Week 38 - Un-named Toy Camera

un-branded cheap camera, originally uploaded by pho-Tony.
I picked this up for 50p in a recent car bootsale. I liked the way is styled to look like a 'proper' camera. It also has a 'flash gun' to go in the accessory shoe (see 6th September post), but that is purely decorative and does not have any electronics in it.
Unusually, when you first load the film, you completely wind it out of the cassette, and as the film is shot, it is gradually returned to the cassette. This is a system that many 'disposable' cameras use too.
The lens looks to be about 25mm focal length, and of course there is a single shutter speed and a fixed aperture. I've decided to use it this week, as the daylight is getting less intense, and this kind of simple camera really needs good light.

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