Tuesday, 30 March 2010

ruined film!

I took the Samurai film to the local minilab this morning, and they (or their machine) screwed it up fine style. I was handed a wet, part developed, part fogged, unfixed, unbleached film, together with my money back! (and an apology). Something jammed in the machine and they had to fish it out part way through.

I took it home and fixed it in B&W fixer, and there may be some interesting unplanned nuggets to scan, but basically it's wrecked!
It was bound to happen sooner or later, luckily there was nothing too precious on the film, and at least there was enough to see that the camera works OK.
I might shoot my first black and white film with the intention of processing it myself next week...


  1. Where do you usually get your film processed? Is HArrisons on Eccy road any good? I'm sitting on a roll of ISO 3200 B&W that has (i hope) some great shots on!

  2. I use the minilab ar Morrison's superkarket, it's £1 - go get what you pay for!
    Harrison's have a good reputation I think, the other place people seem to recommend is Peak Imaging...

  3. Nice one. I was surprised there was still a minilab around! They are getting rarer and rarer.