Wednesday, 10 March 2010

photo from week 10 - Gelto D-III

Sheffield Wheel and Town Hall
Originally uploaded by pho-Tony

This camera takes 127 rollfilm, I re-spooled some 35mm colour negative film into a 127 backing paper. I am puzzled by the out of focus centres, with sharp peripheries, I would have expected the opposite from a low quality lens (though I think this lens is reasonable one anyway). It could be due to the film bulging away from a flat plane, but I'm not convinced. I scanned the negatives to include the sprocket holes, as the original frame size is 3cm x 4cm, so the whole width of the 35mm film is exposed, including the spaces between the perforations.

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  1. I like this effect. I'm sure I've read that you can re-spool without the backing paper, and just cover the window on the back with some tape. I forget now ... I will try this during the year , as I am inspired by your blog, to do a similar thing myself in 2011 !