Monday, 18 May 2015

Week 281 - Rollei A26

Rollei A26
I bought this in a junktique shop last week for £13. There was no battery in it, so I was only able to confirm that the shutter fired at the default speed of 1/30th sec. These cameras often fetch higher prices on eBay, so I thought it was worth a punt. Sadly the electronics are dead, so if I was going to use it, I would be stuck with 1/30th sec. at f3.5 this would tend to result in overexposure in normal daylight, but I decided to try a very old cartridge of Ferrania Dia 28 slide film that I have had for some time. This expired in 1968, and smelt very musty when I opened it, so I don't have high expectations as the the results (if any).

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