Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Week 261 - Barclaycard SW-6

Barclaycard SW-6
In most respects, this is just another ultra-basic plastic 35mm camera, but this one has the added feature of a close up setting, a little lever which shifts the focus of the lens to 0.6-1.2m. This particular example is branded by Barclaycard, and was presumably some kind of corporate freebie.


  1. I had a £1 Barclay Card Visa Camera, that I picked up from a local charity shop. It was a close resemblance to the Time Magazine camera: a fake DSLR, plastic piece of crap.

    I put one roll of poundland film through it and it fell to bits.

    1. This one seemed to survive the week!

    2. lucky you, I try to forget the horrible thing I used