Monday, 26 May 2014

Week 230 - Coronet Viscount

Coronet Viscount
The Viscount is one of many cheap and cheerful cameras made by the Coronet company of Birmingham. At first glance it might be a 127 camera, as it has a red window on the back for viewing backing paper numbers, but it seems more the size of a 35mm camera. In fact it takes the long obsolete 828 roll film, which is unperforated 35mm film with a backing paper. The frames are 40mm x 28mm and there were 8 or 12 on a roll. I have been on the lookout for an 828 camera which has a "B" setting, as I was sent a couple of rolls of unperforated microfilm by Six Gates Films in Milan. The problem is that the film is very slow, with an ISO rating of 3, meaning that long exposures are likely to be needed. I have a number of 828 cameras, but none have "B", so until now I have not tried to use the microfilm. I re-spooled some onto an old Kodachrome backing paper, though there was only enough film for perhaps 9 exposures.

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