Thursday, 17 April 2014

Week 224 - Keystone Everflash 3570

Keystone Everflash 3570

This is a very basic, very cheap, point and shoot 35mm camera, but I was drawn to it by the barn doors style lens cover. This is an unusual feature and is generally associated with more sophisticated and expensive cameras, most famously the Voigtlander Vitessa that I used in week 89.
I found it in the "broken cameras" basket at a camera shop in Budapest that we walked past in the last hour or so of a visit to the Hungarian capital. Not long before I had paid 180 forints (approximately 50p in UK money) to use a public toilet, this camera was priced at 190 forints, and a cursory examination suggested that it was in working order, despite the label on the box, and the warning form the shop assistant. I had nothing to loose at this price, and shortly after leaving the shop, having found some shade, I loaded it with a roll of Agfa Vista film from Poundland, so the film cost twice as much as the camera! I shot most of the roll in Budapest, then, having ascertained that the flash was working (I don't carry spare batteries with me) I finished it off at the Sharrow Lantern Festival in Sheffield. Results to follow.

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