Thursday, 26 January 2012

Week 109 - Zeiss Ikon Baby Ikonta

Zeiss Ikon Baby Ikonta by pho-Tony
Zeiss Ikon Baby Ikonta, a photo by pho-Tony on Flickr.

This is possibly the smallest folding 127 camera ever made. A range of lens and shutter combinations were available, this is one of the more basic models with a 5cm f4.5 Novar lens and a Derval shutter. I've never used it before, and have loaded it with a roll of Efke 100.


  1. f/4.5 sounds pretty good for low end! Looking forward to results.

    1. Yes, I suppose it's not bad really! And with guesstimating the focus, shooting at a wider aperture would be asking for trouble anyway.

  2. I just got this very camera over the Christmas holidays. I haven't had the chance to load it up and try it out, so I am looking forward to hearing how it works for you, and any tips you might have!