Sunday, 11 September 2011

Week 89 - Voigtlander Vitessa

Voigtlander Vitessa by pho-Tony
Voigtlander Vitessa, a photo by pho-Tony on Flickr.
This unusally designed 35mm rangefinder camera dates from around 1952. It has a "barn door" front, and the lens assembly springs out for use. There is a plunger which both winds the film on and tensions the shutter, the name Vitessa refers to the rapidity with which it was possible to take a sequence of shots using this quick wind-on method.
The lens is an f2 Ultron, so I hope the rangefinder is accurate, as I plan to take some photos at full aperture. I've loaded it with a roll of Fuji ISO400 colour negative film.

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  1. Awakened to the call of 35mm film I too have been collecting and more importantly using my cameras over the last year. I was offered a Voigtlander Vitessa and the clincher on the purchase was seeing your articles in AP of you using one...just had the first film back and am suitably impressed. Keep up the good work. Bob Moeser