Tuesday, 15 February 2011

New Arrival

Boltavit, originally uploaded by pho-Tony.
This camera arrived last week, an ebay purchase, I was particularly interested as there was a film included. The film is probably beyond hope, and may well have been exposed to light by a previous owner, but it is wound on a reel in the unused position. I checked it in a changing bag, and there is film under the backing paper, the film is very thick, and the tape had detached from the backing paper. I decided I'd run it through the camera and see if anything comes out. I really don't expect anything, this film is probably 70 years old. I've re-taped the film, something I didn't think of doing when I used a 60 year old film in week 51, which resulted in the first frame being a bent-over double exposure.
I'll develop it in the next few days, but the main reason I wanted the film was for the reel and the backing paper, so I can re-spool it with some un-perforated 35mm film.

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