Thursday, 13 January 2011

Week 55 - Penti I

Penti I, originally uploaded by pho-Tony.
This stylish little camera was made around 1965, the design was first used in 1959. It uses the "Rapid" cassette system, and takes half-frame images. This is the older sister of the Penti II that I used in week 33, on that occasion I used a remnant of film that was smaller than I thought, and so only had one or two images to show. This time I have loaded a cassette with enough film for around 24 exposures.

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  1. Aw, she's so cute! I've been wanting a sister for my Penti II for the longest time - I really like the gold and turquoise one, just the right amount of tacky :) Actually, the only thing I dislike about shooting with my Penti is that your hands get so damn cold in the winter!