Saturday, 4 December 2010

Week 49 - Olympus XA2

Olympus XA2, originally uploaded by pho-Tony.
The Olympus XA2 is a fully automatic compact 35mm camera with a 35mm f3.5 lens. The top of the range XA has a rangefinder, and the relatively rare and expensive XA4 has a 28mm macro lens. The XA2 is the workhorse of the range, and is widely and cheaply available in black, I have three black ones, the cheapest was £1.50, the most expensive £7.99. The red ones are rarer, and there was also a blue model and one in "champagne" (off white).
It is an excellent little camera, and while there is no manual overide, the auto shutter speeds are from 1/500th to 2 seconds, so the camera can be used in a wide range of lighting conditions.
As befits a red camera, I am using a redscale film this week.

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