Saturday, 13 November 2010

Week 46 - Pentax Auto 110

Week 46 - Pentax Auto 110, originally uploaded by pho-Tony.
For a couple of decades, this little camera and it's set of lenses were what I used for day to day photography, holidays, family occaisons etc.
I bought it new in 1981, there were various "kits" available, I had the one with the 18mm, 24mm and 50mm lenses, a motor drive and flash unit. There were more extensive kits including a whole range of filters and close up lenses.
Over the years I acquired the 70mm and 20-40mm zoom lenses, together with various close up lenses, and even a third party tele-converter.
I last used it nearly 10 years ago, and the film I have expired in 2003, but I hope to get something out of it. With a new set of batteries, after a few hesitant exposures, it seems to be fully working.
There are still several mail-order firms that process 110 film, even though the format is no longer manufactured (though there are rumours that this may change.)
I'll try to use the 24 exposures next week and get it in the post by the weekend, but it will be a little longer than usual before I can upload the results.

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  1. These little cameras are so cool! I always secretly wanted one but was somewhat of a camera snob at the time. I would shoot nothing smaller than 35mm and it had to be Olympus or Pentax. I even passed on the Olympus Trip 35 because it was half frame but did have a very nice 35RC Rangefinder. By the way the Lomgraphy folks are now producing lots of 110 film and even offer some new cameras to shoot it with.