Saturday, 23 October 2010

Week 43 - Komaflex-S

Komaflex-S, originally uploaded by pho-Tony.

This is one of the few 127 rollfilm SLRs ever made. They were first manufactured in 1960 and produce twelve 4cm x 4cm photos on a roll. If used with reversal film, they could be mounted as "superslides", which could be projected in a 35mm projector, but had a larger (40mm x 40mm compared with 24mm x 36mm) picture area.
This model has a reputation for unreliability, partly because the wind on and cocking mechanisms are far from intuitive, and without a manual, there is little hope of getting it right, and every chance of damaging the camera! This example seems to be in working order, but this will be the first film I have put through it.

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