Thursday, 15 April 2010

Week 16 - Supersampler

This is one of the "Lomography" range. The Lomo cult started with the Russian LC-A, but expanded to include a range of novelty and toy cameras. The Lomography branding and packaging are very strong, and the products are generally considered to be overpriced. I've never bought a new Lomography camera, but have aquired a number of the models from boot sales, charity shops and Ebay. This brand new, fully packaged Supersampler was £4.49 in a charity shop, presumably an unwanted gift, not bad considering they retail for ten times that price. It take 4 images on one 35mm frame, each image is tall and thin, and they are taken one after the other in either 0.5 seconds or 2 seconds. Other than that there is no control or adjustment, the film is wound on by pulling a notoriously fragile cord. Being basically a point and shoot with fixed aperture and shutter speed, it needs good daylight to work.

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